• A Canadian exploration company based in Montreal active on exploration and exploitation of gold properties in Colombia. The company is focused on the southern portion of the Bolivar Province where it acquired a 50% interest in the La Pantera mining concession.
  • ORIGIN is also developing the project of constructing and operating a 300 tonnes per day processing facility to treat the gold-rich mineral extracted by the numerous artisan miners of the area.



  • Colombia with its population of 50 million has the second GDP of South America at 320 Billion US$ and increasing at a rate of 2.6% in 2018. Colombia also stands among the best country for the investor protection.
  • The newly elected pro-business, right-center government of Colombia has a solid program to stimulate the economy by reducing the corporate taxes, and create incentives for the mining and oil companies.
  • The Bolivar Province of Colombia has seen very little or no mining exploration for the last 50 years because of the armed conflicts. This is changing with the venue of the major mining companies like Newmont who are opening offices in Colombia. Colombia is much more like Peru 20 years ago.